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I know that this will be the most interesting cruise I've been on during the past 15 months. This will be #18 for me and while I'm tired, I really want to see if the negative side of the QM2 rears its ugly head. I was suppose to go on the first out cruise in January and was reviewing Disney and had to cancel QM2. Glad I did not go as I received a call from the Canary Islands from someone else on the ship that said it was a nightmare. I think people have no idea about the ills concerning transatlantic crossings. They can be extremely rough (no matter ship you're on) and the ship turns into a ghost as everyone is sick (including the crew and staff). When I was on QE2, in 60 footers, I went to the dining room for breakfast and it was completely empty. I just sat there watching as the waves tossed that puppy every which way to Sunday and back. Some people sat in the hallways with life jackets on in fear for their lives. I don't believe the bad service will kill the QM2 concept as much as the Atlantic will. Can't blame the crew for jumping, as they had no experience in this venue. First time crew and first time passengers going across have absolutely no concept of what can happen. The industry should watch itself, as these larger ships being mass produced, will flood the market, bring down service to an unacceptable level and kill the industry.
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