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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

I am a novice- never cruised or crossed the Atlantic before- so maybe I'm dead wrong on this and won't mind if you all set me straight. But Cruise Pal's last email has me a little confused and worried. Since I am going on a transatlantic crossing in July, I'm concerned when he says that a transatlantic crossing can be "extremely rough" and that people were "afraid for their lives" and the transatlantic crossings will do in the QM2." That sounds very unpleasant and not something I want to spend $4,000 doing. On the other hand, he talks about the maiden voyage and someone contacting him from the Canary Islands that the trip so far had been a "nightmare." Now this is where I might be wrong, but that was not only in January- but they hadn't started the "transatlantic" part of the trip yet. It's certainly not the transatlantic route that we will be taking in July.

But I don't know- should I cancel before I make the final payment? I think I'd just be out $100!
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