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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

Not that I have any FACT or technical data to support it, but I think that QM2 is probably the most stable ship at sea.

Considering the 40ft waves we encountered, we really just sliced through them. Sure, there was a bit of rise and fall - but that's to be expected.

QE2 also rides well. So far as I can tell, the only time either of these ships is going to be at the mercy of the waves is when they are at a stand still or going very slowly. In these circumstances the ship's stabilisers will not work. When we came to a ?virtual standstill on QM2 mid Bay of Biscay, suddenly the ship rolled (We know - we lost a lovely vase of flowers to it!!!). Also, coming out of Cape Town on QE2 once - there was a massive sea swell and I can remember us going real slow and suddenly the sterm lifted and then sunk (not litteraly!!) - I felt as if I had been left in mid-air. Great stuff!!! But then when we got under way it was fine.

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