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Default Re: Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

I understand your point, EH, @ folks not wanting the hassle. The problem is I have tried repeatedly to broach the subject directly to Cunard through their "Contact Us" email and was unsuccessful. I would like to believe they have representatives scanning the boards of sites like this one but I just don't know if that's the case. Have any of you spoken directly w/a Cunard rep @ this specific topic-Todd English? Have any of you spoken w/someone @ the brochure discrepancies w/the B4-B7 cabins? I would like to hear what anyone has heard from Cunard.
As a family we are very excited to be able to do this trip and I was so happy when CruisePal had such a great experience.
For an excellent photo essay go to, the photos there are very professional and cover most aspects of the QM2, including what the B4's are really like.
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