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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

The issue of TE charge is one that I still believe was unfair. However, there are large groups which travel on the QM2 and you can see that Cunard has its hands full on this issue as the the large groups make reservations under different names each and every night. In other words, if i was cruising with a group eight people, on a ten night cruise I could potentially dine in the QM2 for eight nights as each on in my group could make a reservation under a different last name. Cunard did not think this one through and got caught by suprise by the shortcomings of their own system. The TE is small and there would be no way to allow it to be accessed for free. They made a real bad mistake when they offered it for free. They're only option would have been to close it down and one could only imagine the uproar had they closed it down. I guess they made the next best choice which was to control the flow of traffic into the TE with service charge and allowing you only one visit during your voyage. However, we preferred the food in the Brittania over that of the TE.
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