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mike (and jon)
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Default Re: Re: captain warwick or Captain Wright

commodore warwick was also recently appointed to that rank in anticipation of his new command of qm2...and we understand rightfully so.
captain wright, on the 3/6 sailing (his first in command on qm2) was MOST gracious and personable. yes, he did have command of qe2 as did the commodore. on our 3/6 sailing, he was particularly "sharp" in remembering names (called myself and my partner by first name every time he saw us), delightful on his reports from the bridge, and available in his many jaunts throughout the ship to have a short chat. it's obvious that cunard, in both the commodore and the captain, picked great guys who will bring many positive attributes (and comments by passengers and crew alike) to this new grand lady! if you read, captain wright, thanks for being so nice and we hope to stay in touch with both you and commodore warwick...and of course kim. mike and jon
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