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Dennis Butcher
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Default Re: captain warwick or Captain Wright

Well I`m looking forward for this April 16th voyage and can`t wait. If any of you was reading post from me in yahoo groups and look at my profile, well I haven`t updated since 1997 because I rarely use yahoo for e-mails or posts. On my profile it says I`m 17 but now I`m 24 going on 25 on April 13th two times as I fly out of Tokyo,Japan that evening and when I arrive in Honolulu,Hawaii the morning of the 13th which I`ll stay for two days before heading out to Southampton, England. I will also bring with me some old postcards that I`ve collected of the RMS Mauretania, RMS Lusitania, RMS Olympic and the first RMS Queen Mary. As you can tell I`m ocean liner fan and can`t wait for my first transatlantic voyage, it`s a dream come true!!

Dennis Butcher
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