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Thanks J.P. and Peg. I took your advice. First I called our Burlington Coat Factory store and they said that the only tux related item they had was a tuxedo shirt. (There isn't a big business here in Maine for tuxedos, I guess.) So then I called local tuxedo rental places and lo and behold, one of them has a tuxedo cruise rental package. We got the whole outfit for $94.00 and just bring it back in 3 weeks. Even if we decide to mail it back when we get to England, we will still be ahead of what it would have cost us to rent it on the QE2. Thanks again to you both and if anyone else reads this and is in the same boat (pun intended ;^) it might be to your advantage to find out if any of your local tuxedo rental places have a "cruise package ."
By the way, J.P., did you know that the QM2 and the QE2 are going to meet at the Statue of Liberty for some fireworks before we head out to sea? There was an article in the New York Times last Sunday. My camera is charging as I type this. If we have good weather, there should be some amazing photos. I am so excited already. Lyn
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