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Default QM2 is great

I loved my QM2 voyage. I think there'san important way that the experience could be improved, and I'm surprised Cunard hasn't realized it.

A ship concierge or a ship "information desk" is very much needed, especially for those of us in Brittannia-level cabins (I know the grill-level passengers have a dedicated concierge). My party found it difficult--impossible--to find someone to answer questions for us. The "receptionists" at the purser's desk never seemed to know the answers (they could be a tad testy too), and the cruise director's door was shut and locked at all times. Does anyone have any insights into this?

Also, Cunard is losing good business by not having their shipboard cruise office better staffed and more readily available. Several times my wife and I went there to plan a trip, and the lines were simply too long. The purser's desk said the cruise-sales office would be open on disembarkation morning, so we waited, but it was closed. Also, no Cunard brochures were available (apparently) unless we wished to stand on the long line. I would have liked to take a brochure back to my cabin, think about 2005, and then go down and book. Or at least bring home a Cunard brochure to consider at my leisure.

But what a great trip! What a beautiful ship! It's pretty close to perfection when these are my biggest quibbles!
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