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Default Re: Re: QM-2 Extremeley Poor Service Never travel on CUNNARD

In my QM2 experience, service in the Britannia was poor the first night, but improved each night afterwards.

The service during lunch was mediocre at best. One day, they didn't open the upper level, and many people had to wait in line a long time.

I agree that sometimes, it seemed that no one was in charge--that applies also to the spa, to the shops, to the travel office, etc., as much as the restaurant--a good manager would know where to concentrate the "human resources" (they should hire my wife for a week!!). I think that Johnny G. is correct in asserting that coordination is a problem, and this could ultimately cost Cunard passengers. Absolutely none of these problems existed on the Caronia when I sailed on it last year.

It is completely understandable to resent paying major money for a trip when the staff seems undertrained and the service slipshod. The lack-of-experience excuse is not really valid. It's not as though Cunard is charging passengers less until they get it together!

But, I should add, I tried to put the negatives out of my head and focus on what was wonderful on the trip. Just seeing my wife in her beautiful formal dress made the whole cruise worthwhile! And I already have another QM2cruise planned for January (in Princess accommodations).
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