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Default Re: QM-2 Extremeley Poor Service Never travel on CUNNARD!!

We were on the delayed June 19 NYC-Southhampton crossing (a bit of a pain which ended with the unexpected bonus of saling out of NY harbor after dark - fabulous), and although we did not dine in the Britannia dining room, we did overhear several complaints about the service. I agree with the earlier post that it seems in many areas no one is specifically in charge, although the maitre 'd in the Princess Grill dining room was very good. So much of the experience does depend on table placement and personnel in the dining room, and it is certainly unfortunate to have an unpleasant experience due to these uncontrollable things.

Overall, we were pleased with the crossing, our suite was extremely nice, and the general service was good but not exceptional, ditto for the food. I have sailed on many ships, but not previously on Cunard. I have always been, and still am, a very big fan of Celebrity and will likely spend my cruise dollars there and elsewhere in the future. I think the posting which mentioned the possibility of pulling some of the staff from Carnival may be right on target. Most staff, in many areas of service, did not seem like the polished professionals one would expect on the most famous oceanliner in the world. The exception is Captain Paul Wright. He is the consummate professional with a stunning personality and concern for his passengers' enjoyment. But even with the negative consideratons, it is a wondeful liner and just the fabulous opportunity to cross the Atlantic in style is worth the trip. I hope Cunard takes heed of all these very informative postings and makes appropriate improvements. I fear this is the "Carnival Factor" at work here. I really hope everyone who is booked on future trips has a wonderful time and can overlook some of the negatives..

Here's wishing everyone Bon Voyage.

Becky H
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