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Default Re: QM-2 Extremeley Poor Service Never travel on CUNNARD!!

I agree with some of the posters about the service in the Brittania Restaurant,as we were on the June 11th sailing to the Caribbean from New York. Both our waiter and busboy were from South Africa and were polite at all times. However when we went to the Brittania in the mornings for breakfast,which was open seating,we found some of the waiters to be "surly" and rather abrupt. One morning we sat in the Brittania for 20 minutes before getting the attention which was the maitre'd who took our orders and served us our breakfast and it was only 4 of us.

Yes,the QM2 has only been in service since January and Cunard still needs to get the "kinks" out of everything. I would not hesitate going back on the QM2 again to see if the service levels have not increased in the Brittania Restaurant or elsewhere on the ship. I have been on Celebrity ships and no matter how new the ship was,the service was always consistent....not on Cunard.

I really feel with the money that parent company Carnival has spent on QM2 does not come into line with service that people have experienced in the past on Cunard...I would not be surprised to see Carnival pull the ship from under Cunard and put that baby in one of its other divisions...namely Princess...where the ship will get itself a new name and better overall cruise experience.

I guess we are spoiled really from having going on "cruise ships" rather than a true "oceanliner" of days gone past.
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