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Default Re: Tux Rental on QM2

Dressing in formal wear after six PM on a Cunard ship is like putting on your play clothes. You will fit right in, be relaxed, and ready to kick up your heels. If you have on a dark suit, you will feel left out and a bit awkward -- left standing on the sidelines watching everyone else have all the fun.

Not wearing a tux on Cunard would be like wearing a tux to a basketball game. Everyone else at the game will have on jeans and sweat shirts and having a great time. You, in the tux at the game, will feel stilted and out-of-place. It is the opposite on Cunard. Having on the sweats and jeans or dark suit will make you feel left-out.

Dressing up on Cunard is fun and allows you the freedom to "get down!" and have the time of your life!

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