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Paul Z
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Default Re: QM-2 Extremeley Poor Service Never travel on CUNNARD!!

Thanks for the important information that was passed on in your letter. Cunard was informed 34 days in advance of the change. All shipping companies were notified on June 1, 2004. I have this is writing from Port Authority and some of rhe taxi companies in the New York harbor. Cunard did not notify passengers of this change. Just about all of the 2,700 passengers arrived in their cabins and read a letter that it was about a 24 hour notice that Cunard received regarding the security change. Common sense will tell everyone that if they told paying customers of the change 4 weeks in advance, alot of people would have cancelled. I would have tried to get my money back and taken another vessel that had scheduled stops in New England. My travel agent had a large group anfd thought it was a slap in the face.

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