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Default Re: QM-2 Extremeley Poor Service Never travel on CUNNARD!!

Ah yes! " the get out of jail free card" The problem here is that this convention allows for weather or emegency related incidents. A Hurricane in the Caribbean, industrial dispute at short notice. In other words incidents that the cruise operator couldn't reasonably forsee that necessitated a change to the planned itinerary. These could also be called Force majeure in certain circumstances.

The difference between these situations that the conditions are designed to cover is the fact that it appears Cunard Knew in advance they couldn't operate the crusie according to the scheduled itinerary. In these circumstances the people affected on this cruise to New York believe Cunard should have notified them in advance and offered an alternative cruise or a refund.

Sadly Cunard have done the same thing with other cruises and they choose not to inform passengers until they received their "final" travel documents. Poor show Cunard.

Tell the passengers what the problem is and the'll support you and be understanding. I think most people are reasonable and would understand the decision to change an itinerary. Mislead them and when they find out any understanding will be replaced with a feeling of being "had" and they'll bite back. Management HAS to take responsibilty for these examples of poor leadership. No point blaming the persons on the end of the phone or the onboard crew. It's the US offices who are directing things now.

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