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Default Re: QM2 and Queens Grill

I could not see any "class" distinction anywhere on the QM2. No ones knows (or cares) what your class is, so I would encourage them to enjoy it to the max! My husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy a QG crossing, and everyone in our dining area was very nice, interesting and not at all worried about anyone's income bracket. There were 2 formal nights scheduled, but we dressed more formally on all four nights (inlcuding the two informal). I didn't see anyone displaying a lavish amount of expensive jewelry or even sequined gowns in the QG- in fact it seemed rather understated compared to some of the other guests I saw in the Britannia grill. There was even one couple who's luggage didn't make the crossing, so he rented a tux and wore sneakers, and she had to make an evening purse of a black shopping bag. (it actually worked well). No one said anything, nor treated them with any disrespect. In fact, most did the opposite to accomodate them.

I'm sure your family will fit in just fine, and will have a fabulous time in both the QG and the voyage. .Everyone is a queen or king on QM2...
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