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Hello Cyn,
Have just returned from the New York / Southampton crossing 10th / 16th April and here are my comments

1) Food and Service - Excellent on all fronts - although I could not get fried eggs at 11.00 am hence my nickname through out the ship
2) Entertainment - Very Good overall particularly in the Royal Court Theatre.
The quiz competitions in the Golden Lion were very weak, too short and generally not very well organised The Lectures were uninspired and at times tedious but extremely useful if you had trouble sleeping during the night. My wife enjoyed them !!!
3) Cunard Staff were superb from the baggage handlers on arrival through to the Senior Staff. Bryan Price the Cruise Director worked very hard and made sure that all passengers were kept informed and entertained the whole time.
4) The crossing was very smooth with 1 or 2 minor bumps which lasted a very short time.
5) Casino - staff were very good apart from one member ( an american guy) who seemed to enjoy reminding people after every spin of the roulette wheel that it is customary to tip him (however this is usual in USA where service can be very poor but they still expect exaggerated tips )

6) Other passengers were very friendly and I meet several most interesting and intelligent people expecially Alfie and Kathleen who gave me my nickname

My stay in the US and trip on the QM2 was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone. My rating for QM2 would be 9..5 (9 1/2 to our American Friends) out of 10

Book your trip with confidence and have a great time

Fried Eggs
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