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Dear Edna,

Have you read the thread from 'Johnny G' about poor service on the QM2.
what a happy bunch they sound, hope none of them are on my crossing - some people dont know what to moan about next. As my Ron would say 'Happy is as Happy does'
(no I dont know what it means either - but I think it sums that lot up) what is the point of going on a cruise and finding something to complain about the whole time - My Coral would have sorted them out she wont put up with them - I bet they are all from the USA - always complaining - but if you knew what they put up with in New York - they wouldn't know good service if they saw it.

I suggest that Cunard open up an 'Old Moaners Lounge' specially for them then they can complain to their hearts content to each other and form their little groups that no one cares about and give the rest of us some peace. My Ron could also join them
then they really would have something to complain about - and they would soon see how lucky they are. Oh they really make my blood boil - especially that Ted and Alice

Roll on the 22nd.

Love and Kisses Cyn
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