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Default Re: Evening wear on the QE2 - M class

I get a little tired of reading on message boards and running into folk on ship complaining about a dress code. hello, you don't like it, stay at home, please.

the line could do better educating the load viv a vis "informal" and "casual". informal does NOT mean toss the tie and casual does NOT mean tank tops are ok for men!

in all public rooms after six pm and throughout the night: neckties on men, which always seem to be the problem........women know how to dress.

on formal nights; tuxedo dress for men, women in long gowns.

on "informal" nights; men in white shirts, suits and necktie, women in cocktail dresses.

on "casual" nights; men in sport coats or blazers, perhapos a colored shirt and necktie. women in "sunday dress"

"am I dressed correctly" asked by a man is always answered yes if he is in a coat and tie after six o'clock.

yes, i know, "what of the first day on or the last night out"...well, you in a sport jacket or blazer and nice tie, trust me, no one will snap their fingers at you and ask "boy, please help me with my luggage."
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