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Default Re: Interview tips needed


I have sailed on Cunard several times over the past few years. The waiters and bar tenders are formal in character but friendly. They make a point to learn the guests' names and remember what the guests like to eat and drink.

They work very long hours. They are there at 8 in the dining room to greet us, and there after 11 when we call it quits after dinner and leave the dining room ... and are East bound crossings, you lose an hour of sleep almost every night. (Plus, they are on hand to serve tea at 4 in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner.)

Elegance, proper and good manners, good posture, a reserve friendliness at first.....

The Cunard crowd is older -- in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Yes there are younger people (under 50) but the passengers tend to be older.

The passengers expect Grade A service and as a waiter you are on the front line for all that goes wrong. You take the brunt of it -- and must act with ease and grace.

Have you ever been on a ship before? Do you get seasick? It can be pretty rough in crossings... and no matter what you say or do, sea sickness does not go away easily... I would not want to be a crew member and sea sick. Keep that in mind.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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