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Julia Elzie
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Default Re: Re: Re: Britannia vs Princess Grill Restaurant, QEII

When you arrive on the ship, check with your room steward or at the Purser's Office regarding changes in dining. The maitre d' is usually available in a small room on the ship to accommodate special dining requests prior to the sailing. It is not usually well-publicized and the information is not widely available to avoid having everyone on the ship make changes to their dining arrangements.

As far as smoking vs. non-smoking sections, one side of the public rooms is smoking and the other side is non-smoking. Unless you have a table that is right on the divide between non-smoking and smoking, it should be tolerable for most people. If you can't get into the Princess Grill, again, speak to the maitre d' and request to be moved to a table further into the non-smoking section.

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