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Default Re: Re: great website for Delta Queen

Dave, make that 100% and become addicted to steamboats!! Our first trip was last March on the Delta Queen Spring Pilgrimage and it looks as if thats the one you're taking. Some great plantation and Cajun shore excursions. The boats usually embark at 7:00PM, you can board in late morning but rooms aren't available until after 3:00. There is a nice buffet lunch for those boarding early. Most people wear the same clothes they travel in that first night to long as its not shorts and tees.
We were back in NO early morning and they encourage people to leave by 9:00 so that they can get ready for the next influx of passengers. Arrange your own shuttle or taxi to and from airport - Delta Queens shuttle is more expensive.
More questions? Post them here, I love to talk about those wonderful steamboats.
The Mississippi Queen is beautiful and you're gonna love it!! Have a great trip.
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