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Tom Neukom
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Default MIssissippi Queen

In October 2001, we booked a cruise out of St. Louis. The morning we were to depart, the company declared bankruptcy! No refund, nothing! Last August, we decided to try again, and booked a 7 day cruise out of New Orleans on the Mississippi Queen. The boot was in poor condition, the food sub standard. Our stateroom, which was an upgraded room with a private balcony or veranda, was shabby and tired. The boat did not leav e port for three days due to a boiler problem. Which by the way had forced the company to cancel a prior weeks cruise.
We only stayed on board one night, and flew home. The company would not reimburse us for the cancelled trip. They offered us a return cruise for the amount we had paid or a 25% REFUND!
We had dinner on boad the one night we were there, and it was horrible. They ran out of food due to the fact that too many people showed up for the first seating. We spent three hours at dinner that night with two crew members! Not my idea of a "luxury", relaxing cruise.

I would never recommend them to anyone. The service, stateroom, and food we received was sub-standard at a very over inflated price!
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