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Default Re: Disney for Older Adults

I'm not sure why some folks consider it necessary to post a negative reply to every single post on this board, but I do think their experience is in the minority. We just sailed on Celebrity, which is an "adult" cruise line. We had a much better time on DCL. For one thing, our daughter was entertained, so we could enjoy ourselves. We were able to stay out at the clubs, enjoy the adults only restaurant, etc., without being worried about whether she was safe or having a good time. On Celebrity, they have rules about kids being in certain areas (the spa, the hot tub), but they aren't enforced. Kids were allowed in the disco until 11 pm on Celebrity, and they took over the dance floor. Disney does a much better job of keeping the kids out of adult areas. And by the way, my DD had Caesar salad every night on our DCL cruise. Diana
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