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Default Re: Is Disney Cruise good for adults??

We also cruised the Miracle in June. We liked Carnival, but we LOVED the Disney cruise. My husband and I actually took a disney cruise on our honeymoon (we're in our mid-20s). There were a lot fewer kids than I expected. Most of the time we didn't see kids at all. We were sailing at an off time for kids though (early November). We found plenty of people of all ages on board, and A LOT of adult activities... they have seminars about cooking, entertaining, how the ships works, and disney themed seminars. They have adult games and activities and a lot of nightlife (dancing, piano bar, bands, etc) in the evening. Even though the disney cruise was more expensive, it was worth it.. the service was superior, the food was EXCELLENT (much better than Carnival), and the ship was immaculate. Also, Disney does a lot of little things that the other cruiselines dont, like giving free sodas when you're in the dining room, and having your favorite drinks waiting on the dinner table for you when you walk in for dinner. We loved Disney so much that we book a second cruise for a family reunion type cruise (November 2004). We're taking a group ranging in age from 1-84.
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