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Alice F. Coyl
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Although HAL has a no tipping policy, we always tip as though we were on another cruise line. These folks work very hard for us for the time we are on board. True, on your bar bill a 15% is added and to your wine packages 15% is added. But, consider how hard every one else on the ship works. We were told by HAL that they give better benefits to their employees than other cruise lines and that is the reason for the policy. But, when we get on, we always tell our room steward, head waiter and assistant waiter that we do give gratuities for excellent service. And, we always get it. We also make a note of every employee's name who serves us from our room steward to the bar people and at the end of the cruise we write a letter to the Hotel Manager. We mention each employee by name and mention something about how each served us well. We hand it personally to the Hotel Manager. We have been recognized two years later by employees who remember us. One room steward even received Employee Of The Month award for our recognizing his service.

It only takes a moment or two to thank people who serve us. These folks do not make a large salary and work 12 to 14 hour days.

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