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R Buck,

On the MS Veendam, envelopes were provided in the folder on the room dresser. They can also be had at the Front Desk. The staff won't advise you as to how much to tip, so figure that out before you leave on yur trip. Generally that is (per day) $3.50 for the Room Stewart and Head Waiter, $2.00-2.50 for the Assistant Waiter, $2.00 for the Wine Stewart if you are served any wine at the table and $1.00 per day for the Dining Manager.

How much you tip, or if you tip, is strictly up to you. The service I received on the MS Veendam was the best I have ever received. These staff members were almost like family by the time my 7-day cruise was over. I showed my appreciation by exceeding the above guidelines. They, as well as the other staff members, made my cruise one of the most memorable vacations I have ever had.I am sure your's will be to.

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