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Guess I am going to sound cheap, but I don't think HAL should promote the idea of "tipping not required" in the manner that they do. And I do think they vaguely promote the idea that it is not required in their media. I have had it pointed out to me when choosing a cruise that this is a plus for me cost wise. I have cruised quite a few times, though not on HAL. I do appreciate just how hard the staff generally works & tries to please, & very often overtip, though I have never undertipped. However, I have always been given the impression that HAL charges a little more for their cruises because their staff is more highly compensated than those of the other mainstream lines. There is another line that I have heard forbids tipping - I think maybe Seabourne or Crystal??? HAL seems to be trying to tap the best of both worlds here. I'd rather just be told tipping is expected instead of this very wishy washy, gray area they seem to have about tipping. I am certain they have great service from all I have read
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