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Don - who told you that tips were part of the fare on HAL ships and also that tipping was frowned upon? If it was your TA, I think he/she should be set straight.
If you will look at the back of the brochure there is a sections which answers many questions, one being "Who should I tip and how much? It states clearly in there what HAL's policy is.
If you are on a strict budget and haven't included tips, then that is your business. No one is going to put you down for not tipping. That is your perogative - to tip or not to tip. You may find at the end of your cruise, that you have a couple of buck left over and that the cabin steward and dining room steward really do deserve a tip for their excellent service so just give them what you can afford.
Do enjoy your trip and don't worry about the tipping part.
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