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I understand the concept of giving a tip and not giving a tip. What I am concerned with is the way "tipping not required" is presented.

I, as other who have responded to this question on this board and other have seen print ads from TA who but "tipping not required" right under the advertised price. Thus it give the novice to cruising a sense that the tip is included in the fare.

I know you can tip or not tip. I have never stiffed cabin or wait staff. I do tip extra for any other service I get like laundry, breakfast in bed etc.

All I am saying is HAL should be brave enough to tell us that the tip is not included in the fare and it is not looked upon as salary as it is on other ships. JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR.

I have looked at post from a year back. Tipping was a big topic then as it is now. And the crowd seems to be divided on how to tip. One person told me he has heard that the ship well pays the staff so he give half of the suggested tip other lines suggest. If they, the staff, are well paid then they, the staff, do well. But if they aren't paid well then they suffer. All I am saying is help ones like me who desire the staff to make a good wage understand what I should give so their compensation, salary or salary plus tip is enough to help them live comfortably.

You see I am not looking for aay around tipping. All I want to know is what is a far amount. I work every day and no one tips me. In my work I often work 6 to 7 day a week and never get comp time. Why because I want to serve and make the things better in life. But I don't expect a tip or extra money. When I was hired on I knew what my job description and salary was going to be and accepted it. And have lived with in my means since.

Now does HAL pay the staff enough to live or do they pay them like waitress and waiters state side? If the cruise ship staff needs my tip to exist then tell me. Don't phrase the tipping policy in such a way that it can be interperted two ways.

All I ask is for HAL make it clear.

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