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Default Re: Booking balcony cabins

My limited experience (Hal ships, and the Princess Grand) for what it's worth. The verandah's on minisuites are larger than on the Princess ships. The Grand is built so that the upper decks look down on the verandahs, like stair steps. If you want to be totally private on the Grand, either book on the very upper deck (Lido) or prepare to be seen, on at least part of the deck. We were on Aloha,and could look down on everyone below. Only Lido could look down on us! The balcony was smaller than we were used to having on HAL, but nice as the cabin had a sliding glass door, so it was easy to open, and leave open if you cared to. There was a removeable divider between the balconies on both lines, I believe, although since I wasn't interested in opening it, I could be wrong about HAL. I am sure about the Grand, as our "next cabin neighbors" opened theirs so their kids could run back and forth. They just asked the steward.
So, HAL's were larger, but the Grand has more categories with balconies, depending on your price range. Either were great for a tropical breakfast! Enjoy!
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