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well i'm sorry to say but if the stewards keep the same rooms, you will have our steward. His name was something we couldn't pronouce, but he went by Wan. You might try just being VERY specific with him we tried but didn't work too well. Maybe Wan was having a bad week, but from Gammy's post, maybe they are having problems with stewards. Tipping......We had left him a marginal tip, however we ran out of toilet paper the last morning, and Wan came to our door at ten minutes to 7 saying "you need to leave now". We hadn't even had our breakfast delivered yet, and the boat hadn't even docked. Needless to say we left our cabin and went straight ashore at around 8:15 am....the first numbers called. Wan was the only person we did not tip well on our cruise. I hope you get Dandan as waiter or Bernard as wine steward, two of the kindest people we met on the cruise. Bernard may be doing Marco Polo wine that week, he said they rotate up there. Oh, also you should make reservations for the Marco Polo this was a nice night for us as well. But like original post ,we had good food throughout our trip.
Take the train trip in Skagway! you can either book it on board or buy it ashore for about 1/3 the is worth doing at either price. We also did the nature walk in Juneo this was nice as well. Our table mates did the rafting, a mid 60 year old couple and they said it was nice, wear warm clothes for that they said.
Just another thought don't worry about the elevators and stairs being close to your room. The suites are sound proof....we didn't hear any hall noise, and only an occasional toilet flush from the next suite. Grammy can tell you as well we had several nights of bad weather, and MANY passangers were ill, and many of the crew as well. They even tried to airlift a passanger off the ship, and couldn't because of weather. Take meclazine, or call down to the main desk for the chewable tablets if you need. They were called sea-calm and worked very well.
Gosh as I read this, I don't want to scare you off, you will have a good time! The steward thing can be worked around I think or if it is really bad you could call the manager. (we didn't ,but should have I guess) I had an omelet most mornings in Lido, and seating being the only issue there, but you are a VERY short walk to take your tray back to your room if you so desire. We also enjoyed the extensive video collection they had, and watch several movies durring sailing days. The evening performances were good, and the view from the Crows nest was great for an afternoon cocktail.
I hope you have a good time on your cruise and enjoy the ports of call.
One hint, don't arrive at vancouver port too early, we did thinking we could get on teh boat early. They started boarding around 2pm. With your suite, you will have preferential embarkation so no need to sit waiting to board.
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