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Default Re: Alaska sept14 average

this sounds nothing like our aug 3 sail on the zaandam to alaska. cant believe the comments --if i experienced them i dont know if i would sail hal again.

sailed-- just wondering-- if you were in a full suite why werent you having breakfast and lunch in the kings room-- which is set aside for suite passengers only?????? im sure you had an engraved card in the room informing you of this feature as well as all of the other suite only functions on board

as others posted- did you make your comments known to housekeeping-- the front desk etc

most tours do cost more when booked directly through the cruise line but they do come with certain guarantees- you know in advance that you have space reserved. also, the ship will not sail without all the ship booked tours returning to the ship.. if you book on your own and the tour is late the ship could sail without you

regarding the potential of seasickness- i would suggest that you buy bonine an over the counter drug and start taking one on the day you fly and every day during your cruise- even if its a shore day. no side effects and it will make your life easier


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