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Default Re: Alaska sept14 average

All you Zaandam cruisers -

How very disappointing. Hopefully you have all written (or plan to) HAL Customer Service in Seattle spelling out your horror stories - reporting them on board is one thing and, to a degree is good - BUT - nothing beats a letter to Head Office. I personally do not have total confidence in the 'end of cruise questionnaire' route!

Believe me, what you experienced is not the norm. As for 'things' overlooked, never picked up - I'd have dumped the offending items in the garbage can and then moved that to the hallway...together with the soggy towels - I would then have phoned the Front Desk and reported my action and the reason for it.

It does (very infrequently, in our experience) happen that all Stewards are not completely fluent in English - but they do really try. I have problems with their names, never mind any kind of conversation in their language. Wonder if they greeted you by name.

In all fairness, regarding things being unavailable at breakfast, did you by chance always arrive 10 or so minutes before the stated closing time? Those fellows are limited as to the time when lunch must be available......the early risers appear the moment the curtain is open - sometimes they are even lined up ........waiting. We're all guilty sometimes of expecting the impossible.

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