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Default Re: Re: Re: hal charter for mini cruises

Author:*lorie stieben*
Date:***02-09-03 00:53

hi its traveland cruise deals and they have 4 days up to ketchiken on the 22 sept and also 5 days to alaska on april 28 base prices are 499 inside and 599 inside so end of storyDizy wrote:

> It's not one "Guy" , Lorrie, it's probably a very large
> company. I do know that in the past the Veendam was chartered
> out to a large insurance company for 4 - 7 day cruises .
> You don't exactly give the dates of the chartered cruises.
> Do you mean the ship has been charted for April 4th for 4 days,
> or chartered for the month of April. What are the exact dates.
> If we know this, someone may be able to help you.

Doubt this very much! HAL frequently charters to large companies but never heard of it chartering to a wholeseller which I assume 'Traveland Cruise Deals' is.

Do recall that last year the NOORDAM was chartered to a very large tour operator - believe it was Your Man Tours.
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