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We were on that cruise with Dizy.....13 days out of New York to the Caribbean. We HAD A FABULOUS TIME. I still remember that the Guest Relations Manager was Meagan.....that poor girl was so harrassed, screamed at, threatened and and and....she literally ran for cover. We happened to pass her in a corridor late one evening and she was almost in tears from the torture.

But, when she saw us, she complimented my husband on his tan and my dear darling seeing the state she was in., said to her...."Meagan, Thank you for providing us with the most wonderful weather we have ever enjoyed in the Caribbean and it is wonderful to plant myself at the pool. I don't care if this ship ever docks." I thought for sure she was going to kiss him! We were delighted to find her joining us for dinner a few days later.

I have never seen such a boatload of moaning, complaining, miserable people....they simply were not able to lay back and enjoy that gorgeous ship and all the crew was doing to appease everyone.

Sure we had wanted to go to Half Moon Cay and San Juan and I think they also cancelled Santo Domingo as I remember it.....Big deal.....we didn't go. So what! We were on a gorgeous ship in glorious weather and had a wonderful cruise.
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