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Wendy/Barry---perhaps you have misunderstood the whole thread. It wasn't about information such as you mention---people were talking about the chronic complainers that are always on the gripe about something. If bad weather or some unforseen circumstance makes it adviseable to miss a port or alter course, then why complain?

If people don't want to stand in long lines at the airport and at ship embarkation, don't complain about the cruiseline, chalk it up to tighter security and go on.
If people don't want to purchase that coke for $1.50, then drink tea, juice, coffee, punch, etc. that is free. Don't spend all week whinning about the cokes.

I saw a lady on a Carnival cruise complain all week to everyone who she thought would listen because she had wanted to go to the WESTERN Caribbean, not the Eastern route. All she had to do was look in the brochure to get the correct week for the Eastern route so it could only be her fault but everyone in earshot had to listen.

These are a few of the things I think most of us were getting at.
Good useful information is always desired.
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