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hay *****ing isa free speech right! I pay my money and can treat those crewmembers like crap if i wish. Who told them they are as good as I am? besides they give me plenty of reasons to complain... . take that wine steward. I like moselle wines in green bottles and he brings me a Rineland wine in a brown bottle. Brown bottles destoy the contour of the wine. not only that but this brown bottled wine was grown on the west side of the river and i only drink wines grown on the East bank. One time I ordered a 1993 allemand and this dude brings a 1992. A 92!!! Can you beleive it ??? Way too fruity that was.
At the formal ball, I wanted black caviar and what do they have? RED caviar!!! At dinner I hear this "it's not on the menu" excuse. They offer me 35 soups and none will do, therefore I tell the boy go in the back and prepare me some Oxtail and leek soup. What do you mean by " not available"? At the coffee shop I always get Choclate mint sprinkles, well one time they ran out! They had chocolate sprinkles and they had mint sprinkles and suggested that I combine the two. The nerve!!! The cabin stewards get to the point to where they refuse to run errends for me. One time I told the boy do run upstairs again and check the hot-tub to see if it is crowded. He did that the first 7 times and payed me no mind the second day on. Another time the bloke was late with my bucket of ice 5 MINUTES and made some lame excuse about a leaking pipe and water on the floor in another stateroom. Oh yes one time i was laying out and my bum got num and had a bit of an itch. Since i am a couch potato I am unable to scatch my oun bum, I told the drinks waiter to give me a scratch. he said that if i desired a buttocks message that i needed to pay for one in the spa!
And the ports of call.... Mexico Everyone speaks in this broken English down there.
Why don't the cruiselines do something about the heat on the beaches in the caribbean? In Nassau it rained the whole day nobody did nothing to stop that rain.
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