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Default Re: Why so Mean?

thoth writes:

". On the subject of over one's head, perhaps I was a being a bit too cerebral for you limited comprehension. then again the name "none of your business" is just the unequivocal product of an enlightened mind. Did you have to stay up ALL night to create this handle? One petty, little, smallish suggestion.......Webster's instant speller might help you. Misspelling "none of your business" is an obvious indication of a phonetic deficiency."

Then thoth writes in a following post:

"Why are you people so mean???? What did I do to you people??? NOTHING!!!
I do not understand why people get on the internet and act the way they do."

Incidentally, phonics has nothing to do with spelling, only pronunciation. And words that are not spelled correctly are NOT typos, they are incorrectly spelled words !

"enlightened mind" were actually complimenting the poster! I don't think that was your intention. <wide grin>

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