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First, this WHOLE thread has gotten way off the subject of cruise vacations. It was not me who orginated this "over one's head" statement, however I do feel that it was my right to defend myself.In other words, it was NOT me who initiated the contemptible exchange. I first posted some remarks that some of you found silly, BUT I never attacked anyone by name.See "*****ing is first amendment right". You can call it an inside joke, but it really was harmless . For the record, I posted the JOKE for myself and not for anyone else. when "none of your business'" posted the "over your head" remark they in turn set themselves up for a retort of wits. My point is that if anyone desires a "over your head" putdown contest, I will frequently win.
When I said "enlightened mind" that was something that we call SARCASM.
Talk about over one's head.
About cruice ships, I LOVE the kind of people that I meet on board. HAL seems to attract very classy folks, many of them representing an older and more genteel generation. Problem is that I am a younger person who has never been overly impressed with my peer generation. Take the internet for example, one can post all the kind words they wish and few care. But when they use infammatory and vulgar wording, then an younger crowd is attracted. In turn I belittle crass posters, and when they rspond with four letter terms straight from MTV and I have won this battle of dispositions. Oh yes, when in company of the genteel, I too return the favor.
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