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Nor can I argue with someone who has tunnel vision on online sites. First off, you didn't read my post very carefully. I suggested checking pricing for all distribution.
Now, I want to see how right you were ......this is where the smile is coming onto my face....because I am finding great joy in proving you wrong....

All cruises are based on June 14th -outside gtd. 1689.00 price paid

Cruiseonly- June 14 Prisendam not listed option was 1878.00 for an outside gtd and taxes were 93.22

**this is MORE than paid using AAA and booking direct, also govt taxes were 90.22 booking direct or with AAA

Travelocity was 1879.00 which was MORE

Expedia was 1879.00 which was MORE

Cruisequick- I asked for double occupancy, but booked me in a single room-HH category. I sent email for clarification and they withdrew the quote, then quoted me a rate $105.00 MORE than I paid at AAA

All sites are showing wrong port times for Ketchikan which has changed dramatically.
from 12-12 to 3-10

I quit the research at this point. Keep in mind these were site ideas you provided.
Could it be that so many people just assume the rate will be less because it occurred once or twice prior for others....this is called the hook!

As I said about 3 times before one distribution system isn't better than another. It doesn't matter if you are 1st time cruiser or well-traveled. It pays to research ALL avenues don't assume what worked best for you at one time will work again. It doesn't mean that I'm resistant to change by using AAA, in this case it saved me A LOT money
Which shows how savy I am and how resistant you are to try something diffrent than the online sites.
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