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Wipe that smirk off your face! <grin>

Incidentally, CAPS designate yelling bold type indicates emphasis.

What's the beef? AAA is an online site! I thought we were comparing the pricing of cruiseline websites and storefront travel agencies to online sites?

Congratulations, you got a deal on the somewhat "anecdotal" Prisendam. Did you purchase the cruise at the same time
you researched the numbers on the other sites (and you still purchased from an online site)?

My numbers had: (this evening)

HAL 1,789.22
Best 1,968.22 (large outside "H", not a guarantee)
icruise 1,703.22 (large outside "C", not a guarantee)
AAA 2,368.00 (with $100 pp called AAA added value?)

I bounced around the online sites and used 4 HAL ships (couldn't use the same dates for all 4 ships because all online sites didn't have availability on all 4 ships, but dates match for pricing the individual ships).

Zuiderdam 10/4 Caribbean (all inside, how I cruise, sorry)
HAL 581.45
Best 552.45
icruise 554.45

Veendam 10/18 Caribbean
HAL 632.96
Best 490.21
icruise 489.41

Zaandam 10/18 Caribbean
HAL 601.97
Best 569.00
icruise 573.06

Volendam 10/25 Caribbean
HAL 489.34
Best 474.13
icruise 525.13

AAA's ONLY listing on my screen for HAL Western Caribbean in the entire month of October was the Veendam 10/18 505.60 Maybe you have some secret code to access their cruise pricing, I'm not a member of AAA so I wouldn't know. This really surprised even me, however.

I must concede HAL's website pricing is much closer to the online site's pricing than I anticipated. This is generally (notice I didn't say "universally") not the case with other cruiseline website pricing.<grin>

I might make a few calls to different storefront agencies tomorrow, but I hesitate to waste people's time on such a non-productive(for them) endeavor.

I would have run these quote requests by cruisequick also, but I don't like to "waste" my quote opportunities. They only allow so many quotes per month and only 12 without purchasing before you are permanently banned from receiving their quotes. They are only interested in the serious cruiser that knows what cruiseline, what itinerary, what ship, what date, and cabin and wants the lowest number they can come up with.

I would be the first to admit online pricing is not for everyone. If I were to plan a cruise in Europe or the Far East, even I might avail myself of a storefront agent. But for standard US cruises, the message boards allow one to glean all the information they need. My experience with storefront agencies is going into a room with 15 desks and puters, 3 people on duty that know less about cruising than I do and are using slower puters. They usually do their best to get you out of there as quickly as possible the minute you even mention the "internet".

By the way, when you mentioned "the hook" I only thought of HAL's misleading tipping policy tag line still used on some of the websites to promote HAL's product. A shame and a sham.


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