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Gary- I'm still smiling, cause your just not getting it!

I booked my cruise in a AAA office-as you would call it- a store front office! I walked in sat with a travel agent, she called HAL and I had a cruise on the Prisendam booked and paid in full. Not sure what you meant by your comment on the Prisendam.....

That was my original point to this whole post which you kept lambasting me on.

That online distribution isn't the only source for the best price, the more you kept insisting it was, the more I had to point out to you it wasn't always true. Especially if you are looking for a specific ship and date. Yes, I did purchase the cruise directly through AAA within 12 hours of all other research and the online rate at HAL and AAA was much higher than going into the storefront office. I just went back in to get the rates for your benefit, so you might consider "listening" to other views.

Can't really add to this much either are open to other possibilities are not.
Keep in mind if we were both booking this cruise at the same time each doing are own would have paid much more money...if you've got money to blow, that's cool, I'll use mine for massages, wine and various souveniers.
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