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Default Re: What is best night for Odyssey

We juast returned from the Zuiderdam June 21 sailing. The filets were great in the Odyssey. We ate there twice during our cruise. One note of disappointment in the Vista dining room. My husband was refused a second lobster tail the night they served it. We could not believe it!! That certainly was not the case last year on the Amsterdam. They claimed they ran out, but as only two out of six people ordered it for dinner at our table we got to wondering: what would they have done if we all had ordered it if, in fact, they really had run out of it as he was told. It was one of the several small things that made this cruise a less fulfilling one than we had on the Amsterdam last year. Not big enough to ruin the whole experience, but one that is making us lean more and more toward one of the luxury lines. Another was the stupid policy that those using the spa services only had 30 minutes before their spa appointment or thirty minutes after to use the hydrotherapy pool. Ridiculous rule. We cancelled over $700 worth of spa appointments on principle when they refused to budge on this ridiculous policy and wanted to extract another $15 for him to use the pool on days we were already shelling out hundreds in spa services. My husband planned to work out later in the day after a massage and then use the pool, but they said no unless he paid another $15 on top of what we already paid. This is really ridiculous nichol and diming and we plan to let corporate headquaters know of our displeasure.
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