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Default Re: What is best night for Odyssey


I have never heard that the $20 pp fee in the Odyssey includes the tip. No way. Just look at the quality of the food you have been served and what you would pay for such a meal in a fine restaurant. Way more than $20. Realisticaly the amount of your cruise cost designated for main dining room food each night per passenger ( you can be sure there is a specific amount alloted per passenger for dinner per day and it's quite low) plus the $20 fee is certainly meant to be totally for the food served in the Odyssey. The $20 fee certainly couldn't include a decent tip, too. We tipped an amount that was 20%+ of what we would have paid for the same meal at home in a fine restaurant. (not 20% of $20). HAL's stated policy is that tips are not included in anything you purchase or charge on the ship; you tip separetely in cash for good service.
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