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SF Sharon
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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

I appreciate smokers who are considerate. I think if your husband wants to be a considerate cigar smoker, he should smoke his cigar either at the topside Dolphin bar during the Cigars under the Stars hour(s) (i.e. not during the day while people are sitting around the pool reading or dining there) or at the aft deck railing (where the wake can be seen), while the ship is moving. I noticed two men (and there were only two I ever saw smoking a cigar on our cruise) who smoked at the aft railing, and that seemed a better alternative, as the smoke trailed mostly behind them when the ship was moving. I love to look out at the wake, but prefer to step aside and let cigar smokers indulge if that means they will in turn be considerate of my needs.

It would not be pleasant to inhale or smell heavy cigar smoke on my own balcony, and fortunately, I have not experienced that. The worst time to smell smoke (cigarette included) would, of course, be around breakfast time or when other dining is taking place on on the balcony. Where and when I have cruised, I seldom notice that my neighbors and I are on our balconies at the same time, anyway.

I commend you for asking in this forum and I also appreciate it when someone asks me if I mind if they smoke near me. The answer is usually, "yes, I do, thank you for asking," unless I am just getting ready to leave the area anyway.
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