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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

I remember in '87 when I sailed on the "OLD" Westerdam the right out side of this ship was designated smoking. It seemed to work out very well . However smoking was allowed allowed on the right side of the Lido dining and in the theater .This smoke waft all over. It's better today with the higher restrictions. It would benefit all if smoking on the out side areas was designated to the top deck and at the rear of the ship. I had to leave the swimming areas , and lower prominade areas because of the indifference of inconsiderate smokers.

On our last cruise on the Volendam I had to stuff towels under the door to my cabin to prevent the smoke from entering. Also I completely taped over the vent in the door.
For you considerate smokers ,I take my hat off to you!!!

When smoke comes through the ventlation system I have had to sleep on the outside deck until the front office gives me a differant cabin. It's funny when they say the ship is completely booked and they come to the realization I CANNOT sleep in my cabin they find a cabin without this smoke problem.

Some day I hope to see smoke coming out only from that big vertical thing on top!!!

Let us all be considerate of each other . One who gives no smoke, GENE 7
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