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Default Re: Re: Smoking etiquette again


I understand your concern about smoking on ships and not being able to enjoy all the amenities. your problem however seems a bit extreme. i would suggest to you that you sail on the Carnival Paradise which is a non smoking ship. Smokers have limited areas in which to smoke in the first place. No smoking in the dining areas, most public areas, I would think their cabin would be a private place they have paid for and should be able to enjoy a cigarette or cigar. I am not trying to slam you or berate you in anyway and I certainly try to be a considerate smoker but I do have rights too, (I think) I said in my previous post, I will try and introduce myself to my neighbor and if they are objectionable to smoke, i will smoke elsewhere instead of my balcony, everyone should be able to enjoy what they paid for. That said, i will GIVE UP my balcony, so my next door neighbor can enjoy theirs. If I know they are not "home" I will smoke. I think that is compromising and smokers and non smokers will be able to get along if they do that, just compromise.
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