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I have been on four cruises and I am a heavy cigarette smoker. I always spend time on the balcony especially in the afternoon while I nude sunbath and have rarely ever seen anyone else next to me on their's. I wouldn't worry so much about bothering others, the ships provide plenty of areas to smoke. Besides all that I read all the comments the Non-smoker made, some people really are extreme aren't they, taping vents, towels under the door etc. My guess would be that people like that complain about everything not just smokers. But that's life teaching people it's ok to hate others for their indiferences. Live and let live, I paid for my cruise too and I do count!!!

I will always respect others who do not smoke but people who put towels under the door and tape vents will never be happy. I've seen them before (my niece is one of them) if they just see a cigarette even if the person is 20 feet away they'll complain. I really don't have time for people like that. They want you to respect them but refuse to reciprocate in the least.

Kerry Sasso
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