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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

I have to agree with Sas. Some people do go to the extreme! (Taping vents and towels under the doors. I think thats a bit much. I think that those kinds of people will complain about everything!!!) My husband and I quit smoking 5 years ago, but we still feel that smokers have rights too!! And yes, they have also paid for their cruise and should be able to enjoy their cabin just as much as the other guy. (If they want to smoke and they have been considerate enough to ask people around them if the smoke bothers them, and are respecting of others not to smoke, if it does, should be commended!) There are not to many people like that left in this sometimes crazy world. I have asthma and I think that some people make more out of the smoke "bothering them" situation that necessary. Even with asthma, you won't find me standing next to a smoker, acting like I am ready to take my last breath! I think that the non smoker needs to remember that smokers have rights too and deserve respect just as much as the otehr guy!
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